My Background

I have had a keen interest in Eastern philosophy and healthcare since my teens. I went on to spend 20 years living in India where I worked as an animal rescue volunteer, assisting the local stray population of animals in my area and liaising with local NGOs.

I learned the Bowen Technique in Mumbai over several years and in 2010 became a certified yoga teacher having completed my residential training in South India within the Ananda lineage. 

In 2014 I qualified as a Nutritional Advisor after studying at Barbara Wren's Natural Nutrition College in Devon. Through this I was first introduced to the Chinese Five Element system and thus began several years of exploration into Chinese Medicine (CM) before finally taking the plunge in 2018 onto a BSc Hons in Acupuncture. 




My Approach

Whilst I am inspired by the more ancient, Classical model of CM, my training has included both JR Worsley Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition, I am undertaking  a Classical mentorship  programme with a practitioner immersed in the lineage of Master and Scholar Dr Jeffrey Yuen. Dr Yuen is the 88th generation of continuous  transmission of Classical Acupuncture that predates changes made to the medicine  in the Song Dynasty (11th and 12th century).


     Professional Development

  • July 2021- The Diagnosis & Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions Module 1-3 with Alex Brazkiewicz

  • April 2021 to October 2022- Advanced Acupuncture (Classical) Mentorship with Dr Sean Tuten